Tracking Mum on Google Maps

Mum would like to go walking when she was feeling down. Sometimes late at night. This meant that sometimes she wouldn’t answer her phone and we needed to drive across town to see if she was alright. So we asked if we could get her a phone with a tracker. That meant we knew she was okay and if something happened to her when she was out we could see where she was and for how long.

mum’s location on a map

To install location sharing ( and always with the permission of the person) open google maps on the mobile phone and click location sharing then enter the gmail account of the person you want to allow to see your location.

enter the gmail account of the person you want to share your location with

Even if the battery runs out or they are out of range of mobile networks then you can click on the icon and it will tell you how long it is since they have been there.

My favourite use was one day mum popped up on my map as being in town so I got off my bus, met her and bought her a coffee. Not only did she get some chat but she got a free coffee!

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