Population Profile of West Edinburgh

The Scotland’s Census information from 2011 tells us that 24% of the people in Edinburgh West Parliamentary Constitunacy are over 70 ( if we add on 10 years and assume the over 75s are still alive)

So perhaps 15,000 people at risk over 70 – thats a lot!

Age Group (2011)Edinburgh WestScotland
All people757945295403
% 0 to 4 years old6.15.5
% 5 to 15 years old12.511.8
% 16 to 29 years old15.018.5
% 30 to 44 years old19.620.0
% 45 to 59 years old22.121.1
% 60 to 74 years old15.215.5
% 75 years old and over9.47.7
All people757945295403

With Long term health problem disability we have around 12,000 people ( who could also be in the over 70 figures above). This could be hearing, sight loss or other conditions not susceptable to the Coronavirus

Long-term Health Problem or DisabilityEdinburgh WestScotland
All people757945295403
% Limited a lot7.29.6
% Limited a little9.610.1
% Not limited83.280.4

In terms of employment 13% of West Edinburgh work in Human health and social work activities so thats around 4500 workers to be supported.

All persons aged 16 to 74 in employment368312516895
% A. Agriculture, forestry and fishi
% B. Mining and quarrying0.21.4
% C. Manufacturing4.88.0
% D. Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply0.80.8
% E. Water supply; sewage, waste management and remediation activities0.50.8
% F. Construction5.98.0
% G. Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles12.515.0
% H. Transport and storage4.85.0
% I. Accommodation and food service activities5.56.3
% J. Information and communication3.52.7
% K. Financial and insurance activities13.44.5
% L. Real estate activities1.41.2
% M. Professional scientific and technical activities7.15.2
% N. Administrative and support service activities4.24.3
% O. Public administration and defenc; compulsory social security7.97.0
% P. Education8.88.4
% Q. Human health and social work activities13.315.0
% R,S,T,U. Other5.14.9

In terms of nationalities and languages spoken in west Edinburgh the population estimates for all of Edinburgh say that 1 in 5 people are not born in the UK. Nationally in Scotland the countries people were born in are

Country of BirthPopulation in Scotland
Republic of Ireland17000
South Africa16000
United States of America12000
all Scotland figures

See Population by Country of Birth and Nationality, Scotland, July 2018 to June 2019 by the National Records of Scotland

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