Volunteer Edinburgh Statement on Covid-19

It is anticipated that the current outbreak of Covid-19/Coronavirus will cause general disruption to services, both essential and non-essential. Many people in our communities are keen to help where they can. If you are not currently volunteering but would like to help out in your community then thank you, that is fantastic! Volunteer Edinburgh’s advice for people who are looking to help is simple Think and act locally!
If there is already a community or voluntary organisation (including churches and housing associations) organising in your neighbourhood, please make contact with them and offer to work with them rather than setting up something new.
Established organisations will already have in place safeguarding and data protection policies, and will have appropriate insurance.
We have put together a FAQ page* to help people who want to help out during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Please click on the button below to navigate to this page.

volunteering faq 

* This page is provided by and maintained by Volunteer Edinburgh.
Page last updated Friday 20 March.

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