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I set up this site to gather together all the various work being done by many generous people to help their community. Having one site lets people know where to go.

How you Can Help

If you can prepare material and share good ideas or have ideas you want to prpoopose please contact me

By having one site for people to go to they can see information that is structured. And they can access links for help.

By having one site that links to everyone, people doing similar work can make connections.

It is possible – some would say likely – that we are heading towards the same restrictions as other countries in Europe. That will be hard on us all – and especially my wife. This site is attempting to bring people together sharing coping strategies, and listing places where you can get help. Relate too 🙂

What is offered?

You will be given a login and can update information relating to your service or the information you wish to convey – perhapos a lionk to your own website

A contact form will direct enquiries to an email address you provide and can ask whatever questions you need – you can find an example here .

What is important to me

I have IT skills so have done this as part of my contribution to the community. I am particulary interested in helping improving peoples digital skills for any lockdown and ensuring people have access to coping strategies for what might be coming. For seniors both will be important.

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