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Here is a list of the volunteer opportunities. (as at 14 April)

Edinburgh Council has published a volunteer page that emphasises “think local and act local”. Coronavirus – how you can help

The council advise “If you have specific skills that you would like to volunteer, please consider organisations like Volunteer Edinburgh and EVOC, particularly in regards to food distribution.”

Scotland is using the ReadyScotland service and their advice is here;

To sign up, please follow the relevant links below: 

You can also help your neighbours through the following Facebook community groups.

Corstorphone Corona Help and Info

Lendahand Carricknowe/Corstorphine

Blackhall CoronaVirus Mutal Aid group

Coronavirus Support – Balgreen, Gorgie, Murrayfield

Volunteer Edinburgh also suggest using as that will list neighbours willing to help.

The Corunavirus Volunteering Edinburgh Group is co-ordinated by Torben Hutchings and all groups can register with them and with the COVID 19 Mutual Aid Group. You can find your local group in the map below. The website Edinburgh Community Volunteering has lots of material.


Other Volunteering Opportunities

In the coming months seniors are going to find it difficult and its important that they have social connection. Here are some of the groups that will be looking for help.


If you’re keen to make a real difference for lonely and isolated older people, please email or call 020 7224 2020

2.Golden Year Befriending Edinburgh

This innovative befriending service helps to tackle isolation and loneliness for people over the age of 60. Our free service is delivered by a team of dedicated, trained volunteers who offer encouragement, companionship and support to help older people engage in social, leisure and community activities, with support provided for a period of up to 9 months. 

3.Age Scotland

Your role will involve contacting the older person to find out their interests, researching the relevant opportunities and keeping in touch with them for a few weeks with regular calls of friendship and encouragement.

We are looking for volunteers who:

  • enjoy talking to people over the phone
  • can listen effectively
  • can research online and use Age Scotland resources.
  • have a general knowledge of I.T
  • are comfortable working on their own at times.
  • can commit to 3-4 hours per week

Find out more

4. Vintage Vibes Edinburgh

While no specific skills or experience are required to volunteer with Vintage Vibes, there are a number of key qualities we think are important:

  • Warmth, an ability to engage in friendships;
  • A capacity for empathy and understanding;
  • Good communication/interpersonal skills;
  • A level of self-awareness;
  • An ability to work independently/use initiative and common sense;
  • To be reliable, consistent and dependent;
  • An ability to handle a level of stress.

Get in touch:

5. Eric Lidell Centre

The Eric Liddell Centre has developed befriending services for carers. Loss of social networks is one of the most common impacts of caring. Befrienders can help rebuild a carer’s sense of confidence, inclusion and self-esteem, which in turn promotes increased well-being.

6. Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

Sign up to volunteer here

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