Using Zoom to Video Chat with Friends and Family

With Zoom you cah chat with up to 100 people and it is ideal for a virtual Saturday night out or keeping in touch with relatives. It is a wee bit complex and I have written some installation guides . Be aware that with all online services you should be careful. Put a password on your chat rooms and never download files from someone.

Step By Step Guides

  • Installing Zoom on Windows
  • Installing Zoom on Android Smartphone or tablet
  • Installing Zoom on Android for seniors ( big buttons)
  • Security – keeping yourself safe with Zoom

Zoom allows you to chat with multiple people with multiple video screens. It works best on a laptop but can also be used from mobile phones. When someone talks it automatically switches the main video to them.

The highlighted area is someone talking and works from phones and laptops

To use Zoom you have to register at their website. After ypou have installed the sogtware you need you can check out these guides

I picked the paid plan as I think the service is going to be popular and they may cut off people who are on the free plan. There is a discount for taking out a year but I am paying monthly. That’s the Scottish in me.

For me I sent an invite to peoples email boxes and there was a link to install the software. Once you have the Zoom software installed then click new meeting

click new meeting to instantly communicate with people

Invite people to join – I used email invites.

Whatapp , text message and many other means also work chloice of email below

which gets you the meeting screen and you can video chat.

There are a bunch of video tutorials here

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